Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Fool

The Fool

In the cacophony of a busy life
Lived a fool not wanting to see the signs
Believing tainted words and false smiles
Avoiding warning bells, red lights flashing
Preferring to focus on laughing and dancing
Easily brushing doubts and half-truths aside 
Not paying attention to inner voice gone mute
No action able to shield the blind from a sweet knife 

He was too far gone to listen or to be reasoned
So the voice let him swallow warm beautiful lies
Be lured by fine linen, silver cutlery and wine
Enjoying gourmet meals served with lights and sighs
Because a rude awakening was already there
A treachery revealed by the strange humor of fate
That shattered the dupe mind, soul and core
Cauz’ the murderous hand was the one of one trusted.   

Always listen to your guts even when your compass is broken.
They understand what you don’t want to.


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