Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sleepy beauty: October Mist

A friend of mine posted a picture of a Wyoming Landscape, where the mist was taking over the place.
Loved the feeling of a scenery being put to sleep or hidden by the power of the element. It reminds me of the spell cast by Maleficent in the "Sleepy Beauty".

Since then, I wanted to try playing with mist to see if I will be able to reproduce this feeling.
You tell me...

Dark autoportrait

It's funny how painting is working for me. I was just putting some paint on a paper. 
Overwhelmed by emotions I cannot get rid off. 

Been off for a few days.

At first, my doodle was looking like a ballerina trap in a jail. Crying blood with a hole in her heart.
It's what come up from the first picture with the flash. 
Thought it was funny and unexpected. 

Then, I took another one, darker. And another when the watercolor was drying. That's when I saw a different picture. A face, like a skull with a red mouth and some long hair.

Guess, without knowing it. I've just painted how trapped in my own head I feel right now.
Scary and funny at the same time to see how you can express yourself without knowing it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Raw emotions

Even if it's a flower, I see a dancer who is spiralling in a ballroom.
A spinning top of red, raw emotions.
Because it's what I was feeling while impulsively painting.
Like when the mind take over to create and empty itself in art.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Under the Moon care

Under the Moon care

Once you were a sight
In the middle of my nightmare
Able to make me see light
When I was in despair.

Sad, I've whispered my heart's secrets
To the enthralled ears of Lady Moon
Under her care no tears, no regrets
She promises my smiles will return soon

She told me:

When the sun will seductively set
Using fire and rich colors in his golden dance
It will be your clue to sigh his name and forget
But never look back, even for a glance.

Tonight, I will do as the lady said
Then, why am I praying for a cloudy sky instead?

Sea under the moon
A4 Watercolor, Ink
Lucie SF 10/09/2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sea under the moon

Maybe it's the Halloween spirit or the meteor showers I'm hearing about lately but for this watercolor I've wanted a night scenery.

Still working on clouds, light and sea.

Sea under the moon
Watercolor and ink

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Game Over

Playing with minds and feelings
It's what you enjoy doing
Habile teacher for the lost souls
A puppeteer manipulating fools

Just a game to learn the brain
Of your victims whom you chain
By throwing empty words and attention
Until you get bored with your own emotion

Game Over


One Day
One Word
Has Unlocked
An old block.

Sad Memories
Healing Tears
Masks Crumbled
Feeling Naked.

What to do?
Why with you?
Why Trust You?
Why not you?

Now  confused
With all the fuse
Bang Ephemeral
Only Accidental.

Right Place
Right Time
Nothing More
Nothing Less.