Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Paintbrush Playbook by Anna Montiel

The Paintbrush Playbook: 
44 Exercises for Swooshing, Dancing, and Making Dazzling Art With Your Brush by Anna Montiel

Sketch and paint right on the pages of this fun, modern, approachable practice and inspiration book focusing on one of the most popular drawing tools - the paint brush.

This playful, colorful exercise book is filled with fun, contemporary, beautiful illustrations by leading illustrator Ana Montiel.

The exercises explore mark making, patterns, geometrics, simple drawings, texture, and composition and includes professional tips and tricks that will enhance your skills as you work through the book. Each spread has one page filled with art examples and an exercise, with plenty of room to draw or paint right in the book. The Paintbrush Playbook is printed on high-quality, uncoated paper, allowing you to paint or draw anywhere that inspiration strikes.

Explore abstract drawing, pattern drawing, meditative doodling and more with this all-in-one learning and practice book. This is a great volume for artists, designers, doodlers, illustrators, painters, pattern illustrators, and zentanglers of all ages. You will not want to miss it!

Interesting for people who want to explore how to paint differently.
I was a bit disappointed as there is not a lot of text but the tips are great and helpful.
In my opinion, sometimes the pictures are not selling enough the exercice.

A great book for beginners, painters who want to try new way with their brushes and people who enjoy art.

*Arc provided by Edelweiss.
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Organic Artist by Nick Neddo

The Organic Artist: 
Make Your Own Paint, Paper, Pigments, 
Prints and More from Nature by Nick Neddo 

It's time to go back to basics! If you're interested in art, but find that it's becoming an increasingly expensive hobby, The Organic Artist is just the book for you! It encourages us all to return to those days when art was made with all-natural materials, such as charcoal and birch bark. Immersing you in the natural world, The Organic Artist seeks to inspire creativity by connecting you to your organic roots. In addition to offering a wide variety of suggestions for using nature as supplies for art, this book also introduces the concepts of awareness and perception that are foundational to the creative process. 

Readers will refine drawing skills, as well as increase their appreciation for the visual arts and the natural landscape. Some of the projects and skills covered include the following: making paper and wild ink, working with soapstone, clay, wood, and rawhide, printmaking and stenciling, natural pigments and dyes, camouflage and body painting, and nature journaling. 

"In his new book "The Organic Artist", Nick masterfully leads the reader on his own magical journey into nature as he collects and crafts organic materials for creating art. The book is not only filled with beautiful images, but easy to understand step-by-step instructions for the reader to follow, ensuring their success. 

I highly recommend "The Organic Artist" for anyone who wants to discover the joy of creating with nature." - Matt Tommey, Sculptural Basketry Artist 

As someone who likes to draw with pencil and charcoal, I was attracted and curious about how you could create all the stuff you are using.
Art is a way of expressing yourself so being able to make your own tools make it even more special.

When I was reading this book and starting to want to make my own Charcoal by going camping or trying to make my paper, someone point out that it's easier and faster to go buy your pen and paper at the store. True, especially when living in a big city.

But deep down, I'm thrilled at the possibility to personalize my material, to make something natural. I'm sure the colors will be different and full of real life. That's why this book attracted me. The explanations seem easy to try and their is a peaceful feeling while watching all this imperfect pens, brushes, paper create something beautiful.

Like it!

*Arc provided by Edelweiss. 
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Red roses

"The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses."

Red Roses
Not what I'm usually drawing. It's even the first time I've tried flowers.
It seems that watercolor makes me want to explore new things. I've wanted to play with the colors, the light. Still need to add a background. Probably some soft pink to be really finished but I'm already happy with the result.

I need to learn more about the shadows with watercolor. They are too dark or too light regarding what I'm trying to come up with. Of course, since I'm used to draw in black and white with pen. The lighting more complicated when you have to add color. That's why I like this new medium. I can explore and find what suits me or not.

It's not the first time, i've noticed watercolor is helping me to let go. It gives me a freedom and I like this feeling a lot. It also helps me to come up with pictures on my own.

Will definitely try flowers again and work on putting more dimension into them. They are too flat even if I've add some shadows.
Can't wait to try a new one!


Perspective will be the end of me! :-)

I was pretty happy of my drawing until I've understand (too late of course!) that all the houses were going up!
Ah ah ah… Maybe it's a new style or a new way of building houses! ;-)

Crap! Lines have been drawn to help me. I've found all the ones that were supposed to help me and my creativity (Yep, I'm calling my messy perspective like that!) has decided to play with the reality!

Will try buildings next time to improve…