Friday, December 26, 2014

Watercolor pencils

I'm not really at ease with colors since I like to draw in black and white. But I've decided to try new things and challenge myself in 2015.
Seems like I've started in advance… lol!

Blending colors are not so easy. If I can mess up with the lines and have a correct result with the eyes...

I'm much more in difficulty when I need to add texture and relief to my object.
It's the case with the cup of tea. It's flat. Need to work on the light, the shadows and understand how to do it.

This cup was my first attempt. Not good but it was fun to try.

I've also try different technique to use the watercolor pencils. First by drawing and adding water. Then, by adding water and applying the pencil on it.

I've also seen a tutorial on Youtube were you using a scalpel to have small amount of pigments. It's for the sky when you already have painted the scenery…just to add a light color to the background.

Of course, I've wanted to try it but with green colors…
Jeez! Can't seem to be able to follow a single rule!

I was playing with ink and a card to create a realistic birch…Messed up all my trees outcome by adding the green…

He he he! Really need to practice and stop playing around!

Now, you know where to find me for the next couples of days… Buried under papers, water and pencils…Cursing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hands are always hard to draw. As I was discussing nude with a friend who is used to paint them, I've realised that I've never tried body parts or faces since I've move from manga to animals.

My first try was from a sexy picture. I like the hand even she is too huge and muscular for the hips 
on A4 paper.
I still have to work on my perspective!

I've also noticed while drawing that I like men's hands. 
Hands speak almost as loudly as words. 

There is power, ownership, dominance in this photo that is very intense.
And maybe it's a part of the reason I've chosen this photo in the first place.

Kodaline - All I Want

This is what I was listening while drawing the hand on the hips...

Sunday, December 7, 2014


The intensity of this eagle eyes has catched mine. 
It was a birthday gift for a friend of mine who can see people just because he pays attention to details.
Not always comfortable to be under his scrutiny but he is a great guy.

The progression of the drawing...

The feathers were long and hard to draw since I had to darker the surface to be able to create the white. Still need to learn how to do that faster and better.

Here is the original picture. Don't know what this eagle is thinking about but the stillness and its stare are powerful. An amazing shot.