Saturday, November 14, 2015

Eiffel Tower in Tears

I will shed tears today but just today

Just because it's a sad day after an awful bloody night in Paris.
Just because the emotions are too much, not enough...
Just because I want to continue to smile at a stranger 
even if he is white, black, red, yellow, with a beard, a moustache, gay, 
straight, big, tiny, tall or an Allien

Just because I want to be curious and not suspicious
Just because I want to keep my believes and not be afraid 
Just because crazy people cannot change my way of seing life
Just because I want to stay naive and a dreamer
Just because yesterday has shocked me.

Yes, I will change
I will love more, 
I will enjoy life fully
I will be radical with my happiness
I will be gratefull for the ones in my heart
That's my only respond for yesterday, today and for tomorrow

Eiffel Tower is in Tears and me too.


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