Friday, April 29, 2016

Fishing for the thrill

Fishing for the thrill

So many fish, so many temptation
Every details count for the connoisseur
The place in the river, the bait for the seduction
Standing still, watchfully, thrills the amateur.

While he ties the fly, his excitation grows
The hunt is on. The master deploys his skills
With elegance the hook dives. Carefree, one pray slows
Talented, he lures with whispers that gives him the chills

Gently, he tames with moves steady and enchanting
Anticipating when the deadly kiss will seal the deal
Trapped by the line, the lies, the foul stop fighting 
Soon there will be no air to breath, nothing to feel

Swelling with pride from their exploit, some will brag and embellish
Others will relish their prize in a recipe warming  the heart  
Sportsman who lives for the power, the mastering of the art
Will release the mystified soul and start again.
Sadly at the end, lonely, he will enjoy a dish of frozen fish.

Art: Sharon Nowlan

Landscapes and exploration

Landscapes and exploration

I was working with ink and watercolor. Trying to apply only layers of back and a bit of blue. It seems that it lack of depth to make it more 3 dimensional but I like the far away look in it.
As if you where looking at a scenary while leaving it and put it behind you.
The far away island

For this one, it's my second attempt at acrylic. I like this medium better than watercolor to work with but I'm still learning. The sea is lacking of dimension too and maybe my scenary is a bit dark and agitated for a midnight swim. :-D
Like the possibilities of improvement.

Midnight swim

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poppies dreams

Poppies dreams

Seconds before I close my eyes, I see yours
My heart sings, my mind forbids the melody
I breathe deeply, banishing you to a mere memory
I’m tired of fate, its rich stores behind closed doors
Teasing me with hopeful occasional gleams.

I sigh, turn and return, then halt

I let my body be engulfed deeply by soft sheets
Powerless against Morpheus and his asinine treats
Intoxicating illusions of a world without reason
Where your smiles lead to passion and oblivion
A devastating drug called my hell, my dreams

I sigh, turn and return, then I realize

Soon the veil will be lifted, I’m ready to let you go
Without fire, your lukewarm arms are fruitless, heavy
Always, of our bond i will be fond, as well as of my fantasy
But Eos is finally calling, time for new sunrises to glow
I’m free to fly away, to enjoy life until the sun's last beams

A5 Painting
Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bodies of Work by Lauren P. Della Monica

Bodies of Work: Contemporary Figurative Painting
by Lauren P. Della Monica

Human forms can be intensely intimate or broadly universal. Here, figurative artists use the human form as a tool to express varied content and contemporary issues. 

These paintings depict our feelings and sentiments, our sense of belonging to a larger community in the contemporary world, while capturing the impulses behind the range of figuration presented by today's contemporary international artists.

Portraitist Marlene Dumas presents figures in a gritty, unsentimental manner, evoking the essence of the human condition, while Kerry James Marshall paints the life of African-Americans in the twentieth-century, employing recent historical review to document the social challenges. British artist Jenny Saville paints the figure in massive scale, combined with an overt, never-ending interest in the pure rendering of human flesh. 

Hope Gangloff paints her figures as characters, intimate friends, and acquaintances, narrating a drama from their canvases. An important resource for those interested in contemporary figurative painting.

I like realistic paintings and drawings and when I've seen "Bodies of Work", I was curious to know more about nowadays figurative art.

Through the different artists and sensibilities, I was amazed at the details of the portraits and their originality. You can feel the emotions coming from the subject who is posing, like he/she was completely naked in front of you.
For some models, it's literally true and the way the artist see the nudity is also interesting to look at.

The second part is about social art. A section probably more conceptual, more darker for some artists who use their brushes to make engaged art. A great way of expressing your opinions, your views through images.

An interesting art book where I've discovered a lot of great artists and their amazing work.

About the author
Lauren Pheeney Della Monica is a New York-based art consultant specializing in advising private clients on building collections of fine art. She writes about contemporary art, American art, and art collecting.

*Arc provided by Edelweiss
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Red little one

Red little bird that may look like a cute shy flame. LOL.
A5 watercolor

Friday, April 1, 2016


I've got sweets, red wine and a seductive smile
You and your body can stop by for a while 
We will set the world on fire, create a incandescent light
But hurry or I may blow away the flames and say goodnight