Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wisdom, rebirth and changes

This past two weeks have been hard on me and I wasn't able to find some time to draw. Today, I woke up wanting to draw a Buddha.

Probably because I'm asking myself a lot of questions that cannot be answered immediatly. These are confusing questions that requier  being able to face the truth and not only the knowledge behind a concept.

So I thought drawing a Buddha will help me find some peace and act like a way to meditate.

Then, the lotus was because I wanted a colorful flower to go with it. And Lotus are usually associated with asian religion.
Funny that the meaning of this flower is beauty and piruty as well as rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.

As for the butterfly... Every time I'm facing a major change in my life, a butterfly will be in one of my drawing. :-D

Pencil - Color Pencil - Watercolor

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