Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bottle of love

Watercolor/color pencils

Since I'm not living in an AngloSaxon country, Valentine's Day don't have the same symbolism for me. It's a commercial event and I made fun of this celebration every year, especially when I see men in lines at the flower shop to buy a single rose. Rolling my eyes

But this year I've decided that we all need a hug, a kiss, a smile, a nice gesture, hot passionate sex or some conforting words just because life is not always nice.
So today, I'm sending you a bottle of love.

My drawing is childish and I like it for this reason. Because love has a different shape and dimension for everybody.
I don't believe in big gesture or big declaration.
scare the shit out of me!

I believe in the power of a true smile, of a genuine concern, of a good belly laugh, of blushing, of buying my partner his favorite brand of yoghurt, of really listening to someone.

Of love not always being enough to last but being enough to have great memories.

Of love being in a caress, in a sexy wink or a sexy hips swing, in being confortable with yourself and with someone else.
In taking care of you, of others. Of sharing your time and be present for someone. Of not trying to be right but to just be there.

Recently, I've remembered that being happy is already enough. There is so much joy around that chasing one or two manifestations of love is silly, when there is so many ways to enjoy being in love with life.

Nope, I'm not drunk yet. I'm just happy to be able to serenade all of you with my bottle of love!
Have a great loving day or a great sunday!

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