Sunday, December 13, 2015

Coffee break

These are my friend's hands.

I wanted to practice on drawing male hands and without blinking or thinking I was being silly, my friend agreed to send me pictures and being my model. :-D

As the exercice is not easy, especially with a curved surface. Was having trouble while adding the shadows, on the one that is flat on the mug, to make her alive.

The outcome is not bad. Probably some trouble with the proportion but I like it like that.

At first, his hands made me think of a tree.
They are huge, knotty and strong but also nice to look at and very gentle while holding the mug.

Exactly like my friend.
He has a funny temper, a full mouth and a cool personnality. It's never dull to be around him even when he is pissing me off and behaving like an ass.

That's why I like hands, they are telling you a story when you watch and draw them.

And what's best than sharing a coffee with a friend?

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