Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cheetah Stare

Big Cats
I have a fondness for big cats since I'm a teen. When I've first started to draw again 5 or 6 years ago, their hair, furs and eyes soon have become an obsession.
It's hard to find the texture, to play with the light when working on the moustaches and the beard.

And I remember the amount of time i was spending on them, trying different techniques to succeed.
Then, I became bored as working on it 10 to 15 hours was making me crazy, especially when the outcome was still not what I was looking for.

And even if I still browse and store pictures of lions, tiger on my compturer, because I'm attracted to them the most, this Cheetah has caught my eyes. I wanted something different.
So not Black and White.

A frustration since I would have loved to work on it just with different shades of grey. But I was interested in the color of its eyes. With all the watercolor I've done lately, it seems that colors are growing on me! :-D

I've spend between 6 or 7 hours on it, speeding at the end so I messed up the chin and bottom of the fur. But I was starting to get tired. And since it was an obsessive drawing/meditative one, I couldn't put down my pencil before it was over.

Why do I call it meditative? Since it was based on a pic from Pinterest, I was not into trying to create or imagine something. I was just focusing on the colors, the hair. It was like coloring a mandala or running. You soon find a zone where you are just enjoying yourself without paying attention.

And I can forget my surroundings easily...Burnt my lens for lunch and completely forgot it was dinner time, so end up eating at 10pm. :-)
And it was exactly what I needed since I've slept like a baby after this session.

The drawing have flaws, is empty of emotions since it's more about copying but I like the feeling it has given me. Emptying my mind and living me with contentment. :-D

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