Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday's Quote

Sunday's Quote

"For I do not want my book to be read carelessly" writen by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Since, I'm reading "The little Prince" again... LOL. I was looking for all the quotes from this author and this one caught my eyes.

I guess I don't want it either for mine. A real book or a more figurative one. It's always sad when someone don't look at you properly or doesn't invest its time to discover or be curious about your inside book.

And when someone does that, the minutes you share together are priceless.
But anyway...

So, I was enjoying a walk in the park near my home today, when I've spotted a lovely place to draw and to think. A quiet piece of grass, where I was able to watch the people around as well as enjoy the strange forms of the clouds. Love doing the guessing game! :-D

After I've finished this drawing (or more like a strange soon to be erased typo), I've discovered cool flowers on my way back.

I don't know their names but I can tell you that the red rose was awesome. Nothing fancy about her, not a lot of petals but...Men!
She was stunning. A vivid red like fresh blood. Couldn't stop by without taking a picture.

I may not be hiking, climbing or seeing extraordinary landscapes this summer but the clouds, the trees, the dragonflies and this red rose, like the one from the "Little Prince", made me smile. And I thought of you and the simple pleasures of the universe. Thanks for this smile, even if you don't know you've put it on my face. ;-)

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