Monday, March 14, 2016


Crazy Mermaid
A mixed between Medusa hair and a peaceful sirene. LOL!

One of my friend was talking about her love of mermaid and I thought I will try to draw one with pastels.
It's my first try and it's not at all what I'd remember from by childhood, especially my crayola days.

It's actually easy to use and not blending how I've pictured it in my mind. It will be great for landscape but I really think I'm craving paint.
Of course, I will keep going to learn about this medium and to see the possibilites I will have as soon as I will master it more.

Will also probably mess with acrylic as my Bday is coming and I'm looking to treat myself to something I'm sure I will use that will make me happy.
And art is always a good way to do so!

A3 Pastels

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