Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dark autoportrait

It's funny how painting is working for me. I was just putting some paint on a paper. 
Overwhelmed by emotions I cannot get rid off. 

Been off for a few days.

At first, my doodle was looking like a ballerina trap in a jail. Crying blood with a hole in her heart.
It's what come up from the first picture with the flash. 
Thought it was funny and unexpected. 

Then, I took another one, darker. And another when the watercolor was drying. That's when I saw a different picture. A face, like a skull with a red mouth and some long hair.

Guess, without knowing it. I've just painted how trapped in my own head I feel right now.
Scary and funny at the same time to see how you can express yourself without knowing it.

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